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Do you find that it's hard to meditate? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, or do you feel overwhelmed? When is the last time you took a deep breathe? What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is simply being aware of the present moment. Many of us spend most of our time regretting or thinking about the past, or worried about the future. The art of mindfulness empowers us to demonstrate our ability to manage stress and respond, not react, to setbacks.

Mindfulness teaches you to be aware of your thoughts and acknowledge anxiety, without getting caught up in the negative thoughts it brings. What negative words do you say to yourself? Would you like to become a mantra making, positive affirmation creating, meditation guru that is able to take control of your life and let the stuff you can't control go? This way is absolutely contagious, and not only will it change your life, it'll change the lives of those around you! 


Take a deep breath. Let go of anything that's weighing on your mind. You've found the solution. Exhale, and let it go.

 Our ultimate goal is to foster a more compassionate, resilient lifestyle and holistic well-being using mindfulness, meditation, aromatherapy, and specialized programs to create a more peaceful way of living. 

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2 Inspire Peace seeks to inspire peace by offering stress relief and healing to step into wholeness by way of mindful meditation, offering retreats, professional development opportunities, aromatherapy, de-escalation products, and life changing events for the community. Our goal is to create a spark and prompt a change in lifestyle to implement mindfulness, meditation, and knowledge of self or social emotional intelligence to decrease the lack of wholeness associated with childhood trauma and mental health  and physical illness concerns to increase resilience and inspire peace.





  • PH (Poetry + Healing) Balance Art Inspired Lunch and Learn

  • The Bliss After Meditation for Team Building and Relaxation

  • Calm Before the Assessment: Test Anxiety Programs

  • 2 Inspire Wholeness Healing Journey Programs

  • Serenity Sweet Suites (creating physical spaces used for serenity)

  • Relax, Relate, & Release Retreats

  • Meditation in the Park

  • Individual and Group Meditation Sessions

  • Cultivating Your Lotus Training for the Trainers

  • Inhale Exhale Project Mentoring  After School Program

  • The De-Escalation Kit Training in Sensory Behavior Modification

  • The Collectors of Wholeness Serenity Sessions

  • Favor Flow Aromatherapy

  • Mindful Behavior Therapy

  • Favor Flow Aromatherapy Products that can be used wherever you go to provide calming, focusing, relaxation, invigorating, or creativity results

  • Find Your Happy Place Health and Wellness Fairs

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”
― Audre Lorde

When Doves Cry: An Artistic Examination of Family Violence is about creating balance and harmony within our homes and in our communities. Many of us have experienced violence within our homes or involving someone we know. 

We will have a lunch and learn writing workshop held on October 3rd before the open mic on October 16th. Get your free ticket for one or both. Holistic healing vendors are welcomed, please purchase your ticket if interested to showcase your services and products. 

King Shakur AKA KD Brown will be spinning as the DJ of the experience, while Jonathan White AKA GNO MCs for the evening.

The PH Balance experience offers not only an high vibrational ambiance and forum to release, but the vendors and resources to offer the opportunity in one form or another to provide solutions and resources for what the next step of healing is for whomever is looking for it. 

Come out and share the stage as a collective as we let go of what needs to be released in order to move forward towards what lies ahead. Let's celebrate the art of expression and true authenticity as we release what no longer serves us.


The Art Inspired Healing Collective

This is a chance for our community, but especially our youth to express themselves in whatever way feels natural. During this time of uncertainty, all voices must be heard, and the voices of our youth certainly matter.

The theme for the November 14th PH Balance Open Mic is Miseducation of Self: An Art Inspired Healing Look at Self Awareness, as we celebrate the participants that have just completed our Fall program. We used Lauryn Hill's Miseducation album as a guide to create an experience allowing youth to explore and express their feelings and emotions in a safe space. We used 6 songs from the album to build lessons around the 12 Stages of Healing.

The well-being of our youth matter, and this is our celebration of their voices and yours! This will be a social distancing indoor event. Open mic will be available on a first come first serve basis. Any one is welcome to step to the mic, we just ask that you respect and limit yourself to 5 minutes. We will open and close in meditation, and the pit will be available to burn and release whatever isn't serving you in this moment.

Vendors are welcome, but must be 10 feet apart. Please contact us directly for more information about participating as a vendor. All are strongly encouraged to wear face masks.


This is a free event open to the community, come out ready to release!

For more information about the Miseducation of Self Fall 2020 Session, click here: https://www.2inspirepeace.com/the-miseducation-of-self.

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