To become one in breath, intention, and heartbeat

What is the beat that is indigenous to every living being on the planet?


The Heartbeat.


It is something that we all have in common. No matter what nationality, race, culture, or social status we identify with, we all have a heartbeat. When that heartbeat stops, life ceases to exist for us. Boots on the ground for the cause shows great solidarity, but what can we do in a meaningful way to not only show our solidarity physically, but spiritually?

Now is the time to create a movement that brings everyone across the planet together. One person can change their own reality, but what happens when an intention to heal the Earth is set by its inhabitants across the world?


Join us on 11/11/2020 all over the world to stomp the Earth and dance with the intentions of love and healing our planet. Bring your drums, your libations, and your favorite dance step, and pour out your love for the planet. Will you be apart of the movement?

Join us in love, solidarity, and peace as the Universal Healing Stomp movement raises the vibration of the entire world!