Need a fun safe space to freely express how you are feeling?

Let's talk....


Can you identify how you feel?


How does how you feel effect you?


Can you identify the source of your emotions?


Do you channel and release your emotions effectively?


Do you know how to regulate how you are feeling?

Calling all teens and preteens! What’s the most important thing for students to learn at school? Reading, writing and arithmetic matter more than ever—but if you're unable to fully understand and regulate your feelings and emotions, it's difficult to focus on doing anything else. This is a chance for our youth to express themselves in whatever way feels natural in a safe space with other youth. During this time of uncertainty, all voices must be heard, and the voices of our youth certainly matter. 

The Art Inspired Healing Collective presents, The Miseducation of Self: An Art Inspired Healing Look at Self Awareness... which uses Lauryn Hill's Miseducation album as a guide to create an experience allowing youth to explore and express their feelings and emotions in a safe space. Using 6 songs to build lessons around the 12 Stages of Healing, this program takes into account the importance of self awareness, and creates a forum for rehabilitation and restoration for our youth using music, activities, projects, discussions, and self expression. We will be using Google classroom for all content. There will be an open mic for all participants to present their expressions at Pan African Connection Bookstore and Art Gallery. Pre-teens and teens have the flexibility to build from the stage of healing they are currently experiencing. The well-being of our youth matter, and this summer program is the forum.

Program Logistics:

​8 weeks; 1 day per week (based on the 12 Stages of Healing)

​Materials are included and shipped to each student. Please click to view supplies for the Miseducation of Self Summer Program:

​Week 1: Forgive Them Father (Stages 1 and 2)

Week 2: Doo Wop (That Thang) (Stages 1, 2, 3)

Week 3: Ex-Factor (Stages 1, 2 and 3)

Week 4: Everything is Everything (Stages 4, 5, and 6)

Week 5: Nothing Even Matters (Stage 7,8, and 9)

Week 6: Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (Stages 10, 11, 12)

Week 7: Rehearsal and Groups to Prepare for the Performance

Week 8: Performance/Open Mic to Present Art Forms/Expressions @Pan African Connection Bookstore Art Gallery and Resource Center

Objectives of the Program:

Recognizing emotions in self and others

Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions

Labeling emotions accurately

Expressing emotions appropriately

Regulating emotions effectively​


For More Information: Class begins on June 12th! Deadline to sign up is Friday, June 5th!

3824 Cedar Springs Rd #154

Dallas, TX 75219


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