Celebrate Educators Everywhere This Week!

It's Teacher's Appreciation Week, and our lives have changed tremendously. I have been thinking everyday, is what I am doing enough? I mean as both a parent, and an educator, and even a business owner, is what I am doing good enough? You're more than good enough! Be patient and loving to yourself.

If you are a teacher, we want to send lots of loving energy your way! We appreciate all that you do and are continuing to do for our children!

Not sure what to send to your favorite teacher? Here's a suggestion from our Favor Flow Aromatic line.

Send lots of love letters to teachers this week! ❤🙌🏾 #spreadlovenotfear #virtuallove

When schools abruptly closed due to Covid-19, teachers figured out how to make remote learning work. This week, as the nation expresses its gratitude, we rec...

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