Generally, the ideal Essential Oils for most mindfulness practices are those with aromas and properties that inspire the feelings of calmness, centeredness, and concentration. The following list is not exhaustive and involves the most popular choices among those who practice meditation, yoga, spirituality, or other forms of mindfulness rituals:



To learn more about Frankincense Oil, click here and here.

  • Cleanses the spirit

  • Promotes a sense of enlightenment

  • Boosts faith in self

  • Strengthens awareness of and connection to higher, spiritual self/consciousness

  • Promotes feelings of being mentally balanced, grounded, and receptive to new experiences and thoughts

  • Reduces stress, pain, nasal congestion, and inflammation, which can be distracting to meditation


To learn more about Myrrh Oil and Resinoid, click here.

  • Cleanses the body’s cellular memory of negative thoughts and emotions

  • Reduces stress

  • Promotes mental focus

  • Supports spiritual opening

  • Encourages feelings of rest and tranquility


  • Helps to mend emotional and spiritual wounds

  • Inspires emotional openness and promotes ability to trust

  • Supports feeling of being grounded

  • Cleanses the mind of negative thoughts and sentiments that diminish mental clarity

  • Quiets inner noise/mental chatter, helping to focus on breathing

  • Promotes the feeling of a calm body at peace

  • Encourages rest

  • Supports alertness


  • Promotes self-acceptance, self-love, courage, and personal responsibility

  • Spurs creative energy

  • Stimulates determination to practice spirituality regularly

  • Centers the mind and body

  • Strengthens mental clarity, mindfulness, as well as a sense of contentment and serenity

  • Reduces sadness, stress, pain, and inflammation, which can be distracting to meditation and which can interfere with the ability to get restful sleep


To learn more about Vetiver Oil, click here.

  • Helps the wandering mind to concentrate during mindfulness practices

  • Has soothing and calming effects on the body and mind

  • Addresses symptoms of insomnia

  • Helps to ground the spirit

  • Inspires calmness and quietude of the mind to support concentration

  • Encourages the body and mind to wind down after a demanding day

  • Reduces anxiety, exhaustion, and feelings of aggression, depression, fear, and insecurity

Palo Santo

  • Promotes feelings of being grounded and calm

  • Eliminates negative thoughts and sentiments

  • Expels negative energy from a meditative space

Atlas Cedarwood

To learn more about Cedarwood Oil, click here.

  • Encourages turning inward to focus on the higher self, especially when attention is divided

  • Helps to reestablish a personal spiritual path when individuals feel hindered

  • Protects against negative energy

  • Exhibits calming and grounding effects on the spirit and mind


To learn more about Lavender Oil, click here and here.

  • Promotes the sense of relaxation, emotional stability, and mental clarity

  • Inspires restful and quality sleep

  • Reduces anxiety, sadness, restlessness, and general emotional imbalance

  • Inspires focus and enhances sense of enlightenment

Ylang Ylang

To learn more about Ylang Ylang Oil, click here.

  • Exhibits exceptional calming and relaxing properties

  • Promotes the release of negative sentiments, such as stress, sadness, anger, frustration, and nervous tension

  • Uplifts the mood


To learn more about Sage Oil, click here.

  • Cleanses the body, mind, and indoor spiritual spaces of negative energies

  • Replenishes waning energy

  • Stimulates, clarifies, and grounds the mind and spirit

  • Uplifts the mood

  • Promotes emotional balance

  • Comforts and strengthens the senses to ease negative moods such as fatigue

  • Promotes a sense of attentiveness and enhances memory recall

  • Eases respiratory discomforts

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