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What is The De-Escalation Kit?

Almost every parent, teacher, babysitter and caregiver has been in this situation: A child is agitated and acting out, often loudly. But, according to behavioral experts, what many adults assume is simply a spoiled child who is acting out to get his way, may really be a kid who is simply struggling to communicate in that moment. With patience and a few targeted tactics, we may be able to better understand our children’s triggers, successfully de-escalate the situation, and reduce the likelihood that it will occur again in the future.

Angry behavior in children can appear as physical aggression -- such as hitting, spitting, biting, throwing objects -- or may be expressed verbally through yelling, cursing or lashing out. If your child is acting out due to anger, it is helpful to consider that anger itself is a normal and healthy feeling. However, the behaviors it can lead to can be harmful and inappropriate. Teaching your child strategies to de-escalate anger can help him learn to cope with his feelings and calm himself down in a proactive manner.

All behavior usually happens for one of three reasons:

The child wants something.
The child is trying to avoid something.
The child is trying to meet a sensory need, such as avoiding a noise or being touched.

The De-Escalation Kit has been created to assist in these situations and includes:

Relaxing Peaceful Playdough
3 Favor Flow Aromatic Sprays: Smudge Stick Spray and 2 other Favor Flow Sprays of Your Choice
De-escalation trifolds, cards, and literature
Reinforcement Survey
Calming Relaxation Music
Calming the Child Essential Oil
Meditation Coloring Book
Scented Crayons
Reinforcer Box (with toys and prizes)
Bottle of Bubbles











The De-Escalation Kit can be customized to fit every age level, grade level and need. Simply schedule a free consultation to promote positive attitudes, grounding, better behavior, a calm environment, banish negativity, and begin to recognize the trigger for the emotions or problem behaviors to restore learning in our educational learning systems.

The De-Escalation Kit contains several activities to choose from to de-escalate any problem behavior. It allows for the facilitator to introduce ways to teach children self-regulation skills and awareness to begin to take responsibility for their behaviors by learning alternative behaviors. The reinforcement components of the kit also allow for interest and buy-in to occur authentically, creating authentic interactions to effectively and efficiently fade problem behaviors if used with fidelity. Please contact me directly at for more information about future opportunities for individual or whole group training.

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