The Educator's Lunch, Learn & Woosah.jpg

2 Inspire Peace is presenting The Educator's Lunch, Learn & Woosah on Saturday, February 9, 2019, from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm. A school-wide healthy climate and culture can be accomplished one classroom at a time beginning with the educators, caregivers, and mentors in the lives of our children. 

This workshop was created to re-connect educators to their personal and professional meaning and purpose while finding balance and cultivating some type of release of the emotional debris that comes with working with youth in and outside of the classroom. Not only is this workshop interactive with make and take activities that can be used with all ages, but a delicious meal is included in the price of admission.

The topic discussed for the month of February will be #SelfCare in a Selfless Industry. Educators, caregivers, and mentors are the most selfless people on earth. But, as a result, many of us find that we drive ourselves to pouring out even when our own cups are empty. At The Educator's Lunch, Learn & Woosah, we will not only be discussing, but actually learning onsite how to embrace methods that will create balance in our own lives to be what we need to be for the children we serve. 

The training provided will improve both mental and physical health in the areas of attention, understanding, concentration, empathy, emotional regulation, adaptability, compassion, and resilience. The overall goal of this workshop is to reduce occupational stress, burnout, and feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and depression. Educators will feel empowered to improve their personal well-being and effectiveness through usage of the recommended tools and techniques.

Be sure free to bring a friend or colleague to enjoy The Educator's Lunch, Learn, & Woosah! Register soon, space is limited.